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Jory Edmunds

Chief Strategy Officer

Alexandra Howson

VP Research Marketing Intelligence


Alleviating “Brand Distance”

Using MindSight® Emotional Intelligence to help clients navigate COVID-19 


April 9th, 2020 11am CT Your Desk!

In the sudden and ever-changing COVID-19 era, we’ve found that many clients are struggling to find a clear way forward. What we’re seeing is that consumers aren’t just practicing social distancing – they’re practicing brand distancing – putting purchases on hold or changing their engagement altogether.

Our Isobar Strategy and Research Intelligence teams have created a special version of our MindSight Emotional Intelligence tool for clients to pivot brand decisions throughout these changing realities. Using this updated methodology (weekly consumer testing with virtual client workshops), our goal is to help brands react in real time by tracking changing consumer emotions, ultimately helping your business maintain positive momentum into the future.

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Not Just Analysis. Action.

  • Assess - We program and field each wave of MindSight, capturing results quickly.
  • Analyze - We rapidly analyze the data and develop key emotional insights for the week.
  • Adapt - We setup a virtual meeting with you to workshop customized action plans.
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